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BRANZ Application Process

Evaluation plan
Appraisal services agreement
Product appraisal
Formal Appraisal issue
Ongoing validity review
How long does the appraisal process take?


Complete an application for an Appraisal and send it to us.  Send us enough information such that we will know what the product is and how it is to be used.  We will then contact you.  At that point we can explain the Appraisal process to you and the fees and costs involved. 

Evaluation plan

An evaluation plan is specifically tailored for your product and defines how your product will be evaluated by BRANZ. The evaluation plan sets out the following:

Technical specification
We will confirm with you a complete technical specification of all components needed for your product to perform successfully and meet Building Code requirements.

Scope of use
We will discuss with you the intended scope of use for your product and any limitations surrounding its use. Clearly defining the scope of use is a critical phase in the process as it sets the boundaries for the evaluation criteria.

Evaluation criteria
BRANZ experts develop criteria for an appraisal based on the requirements of the BCA (Building Code of Australia) or the NZBC (New Zealand Building Code) together with user expectations. The evaluation criteria will determine what tests and expert opinions are needed, as well as any other technical information. It will also specify our requirements regarding viewing quality control, technical literature content, site visits and viewing the product in service.

Once the evaluation criteria have been developed, BRANZ will be in a position to quote for carrying out the appraisal and the associated testing, expert opinions, inspections and reviews.

Appraisal services agreement

Along with the evaluation plan, you will be sent a BRANZ Appraisal services agreement. When signed, the product appraisal phase will begin.

Product appraisal

Information collection
This is where testing is carried out, expert opinions prepared, factory and site visits conducted and technical literature reviewed. A BRANZ Appraisals Project Manager will liaise with all parties and keep you informed at all stages. We will endeavour to manage this part as efficiently as possible, but it is not unusual for there to be problems or delays due to the complexity of the work. To help us do this, we require your assistance in responding promptly to our requests for information and making decisions.

Inspection of quality procedures
The relative quality of products supplied to the market is a very important aspect. For a BRANZ Appraisal, we require that there are adequate quality control procedures in place for the manufacture and fabrication of the product or system. BRANZ will usually inspect the manufacturing procedures, regardless of whether or not there is a certified quality system in place. Where there is no certified quality system in place, BRANZ will inspect against the BRANZ quality inspection plan.

Technical literature review
Technical literature is a very important consideration for ensuring your product or system is used correctly. Literature is usually referenced by the Appraisal and therefore must be factually correct. BRANZ appraisals will thoroughly check the literature as part of the appraisal process.

Formal Appraisal issue

This is where final collating and assessment of all the information takes place. A draft Appraisal will be sent to you for comment.

A BRANZ internal audit is carried out on the total project and a final draft Appraisal is forwarded for your approval. A recommendation is made to issue the Appraisal, and an ongoing validity review plan is agreed.

Once issued, the BRANZ Appraisal is gazetted on our website, and it is also listed in Build magazine.

Once the Appraisal has been issued, you will be issued a logo with your Appraisal number on it, which you can use for advertising, in your literature, on the product and packaging, and even on vehicles and buildings. You will also receive a framed display plaque.

Ongoing validity review

Following the successful completion of a BRANZ Appraisal, BRANZ carries out an ongoing validity review of your product. This validity review monitors all aspects such as quality control, specifications, field performance, installation practicality, technical literature and any changes to Codes and Standards.

In most cases, this will involve us visiting you and the place of manufacture, as well as conducting site visits. Typically, this is on an annual basis, but with complex products, the audit frequency may be more than once a year. Your BRANZ Appraisal will remain valid based on successful ongoing validity checks.

One year after your Appraisal is issued, and each subsequent year, there will be a validity fee. This fee is dependent on the input needed by BRANZ to carry out the audit and monitor manufacturing quality and performance of your product.


How long does the Appraisal process take?

The complexity of an Appraisal varies significantly from product to product, as does the time required to complete the process. Where all of the supporting information is available at the start of the project, the Appraisal process can proceed uninterrupted. Where the system or product is still under development and refinement, supporting information is not available or is unsatisfactory, or additional testing is required, the time taken to complete the Appraisal will be extended and a project duration of six to twelve months is typical. Your Project Manager will keep you informed with regards to the timing of your project.